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With the Sea through - a friendship in letters

With the Sea through - a friendship in letters

From this island of Lanzarote, with the sea in between, but with arms so long that they reach Bahia, we, and the others who are here, relatives and friends, admirers all, send you much greeting and brave wishes against the negative things in life




With the Sea through - a friendship in letters

1st Edition 2017
Company of Letters


The friendship between Jorge Amado and José Saramago began when they were both older and had a consolidated literary career, but the late bond did not prevent the writers from forming a strong bond, extended to their companions, Zélia and Pilar.
This book brings together the correspondence between the two masters – and the two couples, often – between 1992 and 1998. They are letters, notes, cards and faxes with a rich exchange of ideas on issues both in intimate life and in the situation contemporary, especially the literary scene. They debate humorously about awards and writers associations, with amusing speculations about who would be, for example, the next winner of the Nobel or the Camões.