Common questions

What is the José Saramago Foundation?
The José Saramago Foundation is a private cultural institution headquartered in Casa dos Bicos, in the city of Lisbon, with a delegation in Azinhaga.

What are the objectives of the José Saramago Foundation?
Founded by the writer himself in June 2007, FJS aims to promote literature and culture in the Portuguese language, spread the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and defend the environment.

Is the José Saramago Foundation maintained by the State?
FJS is a private institution that retains part of the copyright of José Saramago's work, in addition to its own revenues (box office, bookstore and online store).

Where is the José Saramago House and Library?
In Tías, Lanzarote, the writer's residence and library can be visited.

Does Casa dos Bicos belong to the José Saramago Foundation?
Casa dos Bicos is owned by the Municipality of Lisbon. In 2008, the municipality provided the upper floors of the building for the installation of the José Saramago Foundation, reserving the ground floor for the creation of an archaeological nucleus. The protocol for ceding Casa dos Bicos to the José Saramago Foundation was renewed in 2018 for another ten years.

How do I order/return products from the Store?
For any matter related to the online store, contacts are: and +351 218 802 045

What are the opening hours and ticket prices?
Information about the ticket office

Where are the originals of the writer's works?
In 2016, without financial compensation, the José Saramago Foundation donated a series of documents to the National Library of Portugal. The originals - manuscripts and typescripts - of the writer's novels, as well as correspondence exchanged with friends and other writers and preparatory notebooks for the books, materials that constitute a writer's workshop, were delivered to the institution for cataloging and made available to researchers and the general public. In the permanent exhibition on display at the Foundation's headquarters, many of these documents can be seen.