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Blindness essay

Blindness essay

It is an attempt to ask ourselves what and who we are. And for what? There is probably no answer, and if there were, I would certainly not be able to offer it. Basically, what the book wanted to express is very simple: if we are like that, let each one ask why




Blindness essay

2014 (1st edition at Porto Editora; 23rd edition)


The calligraphy on the cover is by the musician and writer Chico Buarque

A man goes blind, inexplicably, when he finds himself in his car in traffic. Blindness spreads like 'a wildfire'. A collective blindness. Hard-hitting romance. Saramago to see further. Nameless characters. A world with the contradictions of the human species. It is not located in any specific time. It's a time that could be yesterday, today or tomorrow. The ideas to come to the top, always in the writing of Saramago. The allegory. The power of the word to open your eyes, given the risk of a generalized terminal situation. The art of writing at the service of civic concern.