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Travel to Portugal

Travel to Portugal

It's not a tour guide; I mean, it's not a practical book. I contribute my writing sensibility. There is talk of Portugal but, naturally, behind that look there is a person who narrates




Travel to Portugal

2016 (1st edition at Porto Editora; 25th edition)


The calligraphy on the cover is by Professor Maria Alzira Seixo

Between October 1979 and July 1980, José Saramago toured the country from end to end at the invitation of the Círculo de Leitores, which was celebrating the tenth anniversary of his establishment in Portugal. The author said after this wandering, a mixture of chronicle, narrative and memories, that “the end of a journey is just the beginning of another. It is necessary to see what has not been seen, to see again what has already been seen, to see in spring what is seen in summer, to see by day what has been seen at night... It is necessary to go back to the steps that were taken, to repeat them , and to chart new paths».