Program & Activities

Saramago at School: Centenary Readings


10 am

1 hour

Several schools in Portugal

José Saramago's Centenary program includes actions spread over several domains. In the field of reading, the “Saramago na Escola” program includes “Leituras Centenárias”, a partnership between the José Saramago Foundation and the School Libraries Network and the National Reading Plan.

In addition to constituting an evocation of the writer José Saramago, this initiative will seek to motivate young people to read, improve their language and understand the narrative, in line with the philosophy that governs the National Reading Plan.

Thus, on November 16, 2021, marking the opening of the Centenary, there will be simultaneous reading sessions of the story A Maior Flor do Mundo, present in the curriculum of the 4th year of Basic Education, in 100 Portuguese Basic Schools.

Students from Basic Education, public, private and cooperative schools may participate in the “Centennial Readings”. Each school may enroll a student from a specific class. Registration for the “Centennial Readings” will take place in the first half of September 2021, according to guidelines and calendar to be disclosed.